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Welcome to Międzyzdroje!


Attractive location, a multitude of interesting options for a pleasant holiday and very close ties to the artistic, film and show-business life. All those things are offered by Międzyzdroje!

Sun, wide beaches with golden sand, picturesque landscapes and a unique opportunity to bathe in the sea waves. This is exactly what tourists love at the Baltic seaside. In Międzyzdroje not only can you find those attractions, but also much more. Undoubtedly, one of the biggest attractions of the town is the Avenue of Stars, where many Polish cinema and television celebrities imprinted their hands. The visitors have an opportunity to meet their famous idols personally during Festival of Stars and to watch the latest movies during the evening screenings on the beach.
The Miedzyzdroje film athmosphere would not be complete if it were not for the Wax Museum, which is known for figures of the characters from the silver screen. It is also necessary to mention the neighboring Planetarium, showing a number of impressive multimedia productions. Families with children would enjoy the Baltic Park of Miniatures, in which there are dozens of models of the most characteristic monuments and buildings from Poland, Germany, Denmark, Finland and other coastal countries.

This is only a small part of the attractions that Międzyzdroje has in the bag. When you come on vacation to Villa Richter, you have the unique opportunity to see up close powerful bisons and majestic white-tailed eagles. All of this attractions are provided by the Woliński National Park and the the local Adam Wodziczka Museum of Nature. Lovers of leisure activites are provided by several municipal sports facilities – from a covered sports hall, through a stadium with a few playing fields, to tennis courts. Not to mention all the possibilities offered by a large beach.
History enthusiasts should be interested in the nineteenth-century church of St. Peter the Apostle and the distinctive beauty of its neo-Gothic architecture. It is also a good idea to choose a few trips, for example a trip to Zalesie with German V-3 rockets test bunkers. Międzyzdroje is a great starting point for Świnoujście with its huge forts, the highest lighthouse at the whole Baltic Coast and the Underground City prepared for the outbreak of the Third World War. It is also a good idea to go to Wolin, a town with strong historical ties with Vikings, where you can visit both museum full of old artifacts, as well as go to a living museum in the Slavs and Vikings Center.
To sum up – when visiting Villa Richter and Międzyzdroje, everyone should find something just right for themselves and their relatives, so that they can relax and enjoy the sea and spend time in an interesting way.